WOMAN – strong and beautiful

They complete the livings on earth, with reproduction they have the power to grow the next generation, with love she can nurture a family and a child, with ambition they achieve the impossible, with trust they set things right, with empathy they make wonders happen . That women is your mom, sister, friend, wife, daughter. She cannot slip from any hand but once forced tightened, can erupt like a volcano. She gets her cycle every month and those cramps but she never shakes off her responsibilities. Every women is a women of substance and in a way completes anyone and everyone on this earth. A self-less, brave and an emotionally strong creature. She will never let go of the people she loves.  She plays many roles in each one of our lives: a strong Mother, an understanding wife, a loving sister alias Mother, a lovely daughter, a soulmate. Even the God needs the Goddess,  appreciate the one you have in your life.