Exhibition albums

What makes Photography the Art? Photography is a language, which uses visual elements in lieu of words, therefore, just as any language, it can be used for artistic purposes. As any visual art form, photography exploits vulnerabilities of the human visual perception and can make us experience emotions that move us and compel us to do things that we otherwise would not even think of. Why photography can influence people so profoundly? Unlike painting, photography requires a real physical object to be there to take a picture of it. This very fact is the reason we perceive any photo as something more real than any other type of visual representation of reality. This is something that is truly unique to photography, and it took some time for artists who chose photography as their means of creative expression to understand. On one hand, photography does represent reality and cannot exist without it. On the other hand, it can distort and misrepresent reality with different degrees of subtlety. This is the reason surrealists embraced photography so eagerly. Using both purely technical means (like double exposures, montage, forced perspective, cross-processing, etc.) and semantics (multiple meanings, allusions, context manipulation), they managed to create pictures seemingly highly personalized in a sense that each spectator tends to interpret these photos based disproportionately on his or her subjective perception and identify with the images on a very personal level.  We try to include all this in the albums of our exhibitions.

 The photographers we present in this album convey messages, or artistic concepts, with children as their photographic subjects, and by doing so raise questions about the body, society and culture, as well as issues of realism and representation. For more details please contact us.

A self-less, brave and an emotionally strong creature. She will never let go of the people she loves.  She plays many roles in each one of our lives: a strong Mother, an understanding wife, a loving sister alias Mother, a lovely daughter, a soulmate. Even the God needs the Goddess,  appreciate the one you have in your life. For more details please contact us.

Black and white art isn’t just a beautiful photograph, but it should move us, inform us, and make us experience something that we didn’t experience and know before. Sensitivity, depth, composition, eroticism, femininity, structure and architecture …….. welcome in our MONOCHROMERIFIC world. For more details please contact us.

* Note that:  the albums will be made available to the participants if at least 80% of those selected for the online version of the exhibition will send to the gallery the selected photos at a good resolution to be printed. At the moment only the MONOCHROMERIFIC album is available for sale. The album is delivered with POSTAL SERVICES, only if the transport lines are open. Due to COVID 19 situation, at the moment  most of the postal lines are closed.